The Reason I Feel "BLESSED"..

     Being a part of the minority in a "world(whirled)" full of willfully ignorant & CLOSED minded ppl is more interesting than it is frustrating at this point. Even the so-called/self-proclaimed rebels are programmed into repeating rhetoric. No one believes in their own logic; Not even their own intelligence, experiences, or merits. Ppl willfully ignore the signs of truth in exchange for safety and comfort; Answers handed/fed to them before they are able to truly think for themselves; Answers constantly reassured and referenced in order to sustain after inception.

     Children are the future, thus they are the target of change; And we were all systematically targeted as children. (A child lacking the programming will ask the REALEST questions and point out the most obvious truths. Only to have a programmed adult teach them otherwise; teach them to ignore their senses and do/believe what they are told.) To have the ability to break free, question, and step outside that box is a blessing; and I treat it as such.  

     This system purposely keeps people too busy to even find themselves, let alone explore the possibilities. The time to absorb knowledge is further limited by entertainment, materialism, etc. A system of nearly undetectable mental oppression. The problems of this "world" lie within ourselves as humanity. We are truly flawed, but I believe there is purpose behind that. Purpose that blesses those who dare to taste the red pill.

Un amor.



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