INCEPTION: My Introduction To Hip-Hop

What are some of your very first memories of Hip-Hop?? aka First Tracks???

Other than the nostalgia factor, reminiscing about when & where I entered H.E.R. (refer to Common) is something that keeps me grounded in authenticity; whether creating or indulging.

For me, it all started with boredom and a stash of VHS tapes. (I found the "Big Black Booty vol's" later..) That day, a hiphophead was born. Enjoy the drops.. some of my earliest memories of Hip-Hop.

 RUN DMC ft. Aerosmith - Walk This Way  

I guess this would also be my introduction to the Rock(ish) genre. Anytime someone asks me a "where did it all start?" type of question about Hip-Hop, this is always my first thought.

Imo, your foundation says a lot about your taste & love for the ART; especially when it comes to the Hip-Hop genre. I'm not saying everyone had to be born around the golden era, but if you came into the game with a Lil Yachty in your ears then you're most likely doin it wrong and don't understand brah. No knocks, all facts from a hiphophead. Smarten up.. ..Nas.

Call me pun god tho.
A Tribe Called Quest - Scenario

 Busta Rhymes was my original favorite rapper. Then I got engulfed in early southern Hip-Hop and that faded away as my horizons broadened. I still fuk'd wit Busta heavy, but I couldn't have just one favorite anymore. Too much dope. The 3rd charm below..

LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out

What were some of your very first memories of Hip-Hop??

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