HIPHOP: Merry Hip-Hop w/ Battle Rap | URLTV | RBE

Happy Holidays to everyone and all..

Another fire year in battle rap.. RBE and URL continue to provide legendary and classic content for the culture..

Watch some of the best battle rappers in the world set the stage on fire..

THIS, is Hip-Hop.

 Mr. Wavy aka Sir Swaggerific vs Jerry Wess aka Mr. Clutch

 Is The Wave enough to stop the Jerry Wess bar-fest? You be the judge

Over on the Rare Breed side of things..

Michigan's elite go at it in a dope lot setting..

Detroit vs Pontiac..  
Calicoe vs Ill Will 

As we complete the 360, another super fire battle from URL..

 T'Challa aka BDot tests his strength against the Mighty JC..

I got Wavy, Will, & JC. Let us know who you got..

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