The Easy Allies Team

If you're into gaming and/or have any recollection of, then you may remember the greatness that was "Mandatory Update". There were definitely other original shows on Gametrailers that I dug, like The Final Bosman & Huber Hype, but Mandatory Update was gold.

Ian & Elyse

The show ended because of Elyse's departure not long before went defunct and became The Easy Allies. Honestly though, this show could only exist with these two hosting so I understood the decision. 

If you're into gaming and have a sense of humor, then I challenge you not to at least chuckle. The reigning tag team champions of gaming news comedy. Ian is great, but once Elyse did her Alfred from Batman impression, I was sold. Great to see that neither of them lost a step. 

Welcome back Mandatory Update!

Make sure you check out Easy Allies on Youtube for more worthy gaming content..

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