Ladies and Others, 2018 is coming to a close.
Christmas decor well into its third month, heathens enjoying non alcoholic eggnog, and some of the best holiday movies and show marathons are in rotation. That aside, 2018 was a dope year for most forms of media especially gaming with Smash Brothers Ultimate being released, PUBG finally making it to PS4 (and running better), God Of War winning GOTY, and the downhill adventures of Bethesda...

Listen mam, Fortnite is cool, but these pockets of people have recently made some stuff you might wanna check out.
Listed below are a few personal picks for when it’s time to share the tv with your sibling, or when the servers are down (or off) on Fallout 76.

I Am The Hero 
A gritty beat em up. Kin to the Double Dragons of old

Floor Kids 
A fresh take on the rhythm genre 

Hollow Knight
One of the better vania's in recent years

Isometric cyberpunk hyper violence.

Inspired by the classic Castlevania: SOTN

Another nice, low priced metroidvania.

Eldritch Edition coming soon including Multiplayer

Overcooked 2
Sex is cool, but...

Another game.

Of course there's a bit more, but this is just to show a morsel of what's floating around while you struggle to survive pass 80th place in Fortnite.
Visit the digital stores someday. For the price of lunch, desert, condoms, you might actually find something worth your time.

Sincerely yours, no. 1.


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