FORTNITE has Competition.. | APEX LEGENDS

With the current popularity of battle royale video games at its peak, the market has become over saturated with plenty of Fortnite and PubG clones to choose from. Re-emerging from a hidden rock under Electronic Arts, the team over at Respawn Entertainment managed to sneak some greatness into the battle royale landscape.

As the story goes, Titanfall 3's development was essentially scrapped and its become Apex Legends. I feel for you Titanfall fans, but Apex Legends might have what you all need to hold you over until an actual Titanfall 3 is released.

Below, Angry Joe gives us his first-hand impressions on the newest Free-to-Play battle royale from Respawn Entertainment.

"Apex Legends differentiates from other battle royales is in its unique futuristic style set firmly within the Titanfall universe, 30 years after the events of Titanfall 2. There are no Titans, which feels like a fair sacrifice. This experience instead focuses on a Hunger Games-type dystopian competition called Apex where various combatants — the titular “Legends” — compete for glory.

Before players ever step foot in an actual match of Apex Legends, it’s already infinitely more interesting than Fortnite because Respawn invested so much in expanding on an existing franchise with new, interesting characters.

If Fortnite feels totally shallow by comparison, that’s because it is.

Between the excellent graphics, thrilling musical score, and flashy future-tech that allows anybody to stomp on the ground with the help of small reverse thrusters, Apex Legends feels so much cooler than most of its competition. As the circular play area closes in (thankfully, it’s not yet another storm), you hear announcements about the new kill leader as a huge leaderboard updates on the edge of the map. It’s Hunger Games, but way less morose.

For now, the only limiting thing about Apex Legends is the team configuration, which limits you to teams of three in a 60-person game (so 20 teams fighting to survive). By comparison, Fortnite features a carousel of ever-changing modes, from standard squads and solo to massive 50-vs-50 battles and other fun gimmicks."

Apex Legends is available now for PC via Origin, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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