METRO EXODUS | A Gleaming Example: Detail Summary

Due to limitations in hardware and constant advancements of visual technology, it's a well known fact that the visual potential of PC games will always exceed that of their limited console counterpart. Metro Exodus may be beautiful on consoles, but on PC its a gleaming example of the future in visual fidelity.
Ray Tracing comparisons (on/off) start at 12:10.


- The PC version of Metro Exodus is described as a real graphic revolution where real-time rendering is taken to the next level.

- The game is a little reminiscent of Crysis in its time when the technique was pushed to its limits.

- The 4A graphics engine has been extensively updated so that Metro Exodus on PC offers the full range of possible graphics and polish effects.

- Super-precise shadows rendering.

- The level of detail is higher than on consoles especially on monsters and animals, a realistic and detailed fur thanks to Nvidia's HairWorks exclusive to the PC version which makes it all very convincing.

- The environments of Metro Exodus are particularly spectacular in this PC version.

- Fantastic materials, fantastic lighting, dense vegetation, deformation for splashes... all with a complete SSR on PC.

- Extensive use of tessellation to round objects such as bricks....

- The game features a brand new lighting and particle shading system similar to Star Citizen, Doom 2016 or Alien Isolation.

- Accelerated particle effects such as the omnipresent volumetric fog... exclusive to PCs thanks to PhysX.

- Metro Exodus uses the DirectX 12 extension of the DXR to use real-time ray tracing to accelerate indirect light "global illumination". Ray tracing provides simply spectacular moments.

- The ray tracing in Metro Exodus effectively simulates light, instead of trying to imitate how it works. This extends to almost all the scenes in the game that have some indirect interaction with the sun or the sky, on this side it is a generational leap.

- The PC version clearly differs from its console counterparts, both in terms of performance and purely visual appearance.

- The X (2160p) and Pro (1440p) versions are equivalent to the PC version in high settings but with HairWorks, PhysX, DXR and Tessellation disabled of course.

- In addition to High, the PC version offers Ultra and Extreme graphics settings.

- For the moment the DLSS implementation is a bit screwy because the image, although more stable and fluid, actually seems more fuzzy than a native 1440p for example.

- Unlike the consoles here, 60fps and more is possible depending on your configuration.

- This is by far the best real-time Ray Tracing implementation DF has seen so far on a PC.

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