AVENGERS: ENDGAME Trailer 2 | After-thoughts from a Comic Fan

So, the second Avengers: Endgame trailer released and it's added a few more scenes for hardcore Marvel fans to dissect. The trailer drops a number of hints about the over-arching plot while still managing to avoid confirming too much. 

Where the Super Bowl trailer focused on the overall impact of Thanos's snap, this trailer emphasizes the character journeys that have brought Earth's Mightiest Heroes to this point through flashbacks from previous films. 

Let's take a look at all the secrets that are revealed.The plot must be pretty intricate if they're willing to give the "yes, Iron-Man survives" bit up..

Below, the homie and comic-storian YoungRippa59 gives us his impressions and after-thoughts about the latest Avengers: Endgame trailer.

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