BORDERLANDS Returns | BORDERLANDS 3 Trailer & Leaks

Gearbox and 2K confirm that Borderlands 3, the next full installment in the OG looter-shooter franchise, is in development with their new gameplay reveal trailer. (above)

Prior to the trailer's release, Rooster Teeth's The Know released details regarding Borderlands 3 alpha build class names and abilities of the starting characters. Commencing info dump..

  • 4 main characters
    • Soldier/Gunner Class - Moze - The Bot Jock
      • The Soldier is very tech and robot featured and is able to call in a titan like the game Titanfall.
      • She will have a co-op focused skill tree which will allow a co-op buddy to climb on the titan and control its mounted turret (3rd person mode?).
    • Siren Class - Amara
      • The Siren is a female that will be a melee focussed character similar to Brick from Borderlands 1.
      • 3 actions skills
        • Phaselock that can hold 3 enemies at once.
        • Groundpound skill
        • Self-projection that can fire at enemies (Maybe something like the holograms that Jack “The Dobbleganer” had in Borderlands the Pre-Sequel)
      • Buff character.
    • Assassin Class - Zane - The Operative
      • The Assassin will be similar to Zer0 from Borderlands 2 as he will be able to throw out a decoy to draw aggro.
      • Wealthy character as he has some classier character customizations.
    • Hunter Class - Flak - The Beast Master
      • The Hunter is a pet class Vault Hunter.
      • This Beast Master can choose between 3 different pets.
      • Each pet will have their own abilities.
      • This Vault Hunter is still in alpha state as the AI of the pet isn’t working properly.
        • In the past, it was mentioned by a GBX employee that AI is a difficult thing to get right.
      • The Beast Master is a robot and looks like a “homeless” person.

    Flak & Zane

The Bot Jock is the same model revealed at the GDC 2017 tech demo showing: 

This confirms the leak as the face and pose used in this image is never shown in the tech demo and this is the only model and not art used in this character promo shot. This coincides with the leak from TheKnow and other sources

The Calypso Twins

From leakers we know the bad guys are The Calypso Twins. Either a Male/Female Siren Twin duo or a pair of Siren power thieves or some combo of Siren and Thief. The Male Calypso Twin is called Troy and is supposed to look biker inspired. The theory is that either the brother can steal/syphon siren powers because of the twin link; or he has siren powers; or they are artificial. The Calypsos will either be aligned with, or leaders of The Children of the Vault. Possibility that Tannis is also involved with these guys..

This leak is backed up by the bar Randy Pitchford owns that is below Gearbox HQ having a drink called The Calypso Twins in a Menu filled with Borderlands references.

Locations leaked so far are Prometha, which has been heavily teased; Pandora; and Eden-6. The story will revolve around multiple vaults.

  • Each Location will get a unique vehicle. Right now we have sources saying 4 vehicles, potentially confirming 4 planets..
  • Passive traits and skills are a big part of the game.
  • There may be NPC AI that can revive you at times..
  • New element types..
  • Weapons now have more parts to them which means more variations.
  • Some form of weapon customization, but details still vague..
  • A Trophy room will be unlocked at a certain point in the game which will allow players to show off their loot to other players..
  • Set roughly 5-6 years after Borderlands 2 Tiny Tina has grown up..
  • Fiona from Tales from the Borderlands is returning as an NPC
  • Aurelia the Baroness, the DLC character from TPS is also returning as an NPC.

Gearbox and 2K also revealed Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition
With brand new weapons, substantial visual upgrades, quality of life improvements, all four add-on packs, and more. (below)

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