We've been covering so much CORE, "Upcoming PARAGON Remake planned for a PS4 Release", that we almost forgot about the other Paragon remake; Omeda Studios' PREDECESSOR.

Yes, the OTHER PARAGON REMAKE, also coming to the PC and PlayStation.

I'm sure we also forgot to mention that there are TWO more Paragon successors in development (totaling 4); Undying Games' Ethereal: Clash Of Souls and Visionary Games' Phoenix Rising.

These two, unlike Core and Predecessor, plan to use only the ideas that made Paragon so beloved among competitive gamers and MOBA fans; while at the same time creating something fresh through their own unique visions. But more on Clash of Souls and Phoenix Rising another time..

Ahead of Metabuff's Core April 27th alpha release date, the PC closed alpha for Omeda Studios' Paragon remake Predecessor just went live!

Sadly, the closed alpha is currently full. However, there are plenty of Twitch streamers and Youtubers showing off Omeda Studios' current progress. Just search "predecessor" on Twitch and you'll see long time fans such as RGSACE & BritikHD streaming Predecessor alpha gameplay. In due time, the team plans to invite more players to join the alpha.

If you're interested in following Predecessor's progress, visit their official website for more info:

Below, Mangoose shares his very first experience in the Predecessor alpha with us. Don't expect any hardcore gameplay, this is just the alpha testing phase. However, things already look very promising.

Welcome back to AGORA!

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